Diet and cancer studies

The Diet and Cancer research group is part of the Division of Human Nutrition of the Wageningen University. The research group was formed in 2008 and is led by professor Ellen Kampman. During the initial years, research was mainly focused on the role of diet in the development of cancer. In recent years, the focus has shifted more towards the role of diet during and after cancer treatment. We thereby focus on diet, body composition, and diet-gene interactions. We are a multidisciplinary team, including epidemiologists, nutritionists and (medical) biologists. We conduct observational epidemiological studies as well as human experimental studies.

In 2014, we organized the BSc/MSc course “Diet and Cancer” at Wageningen University for the first time. Also, for the second time, we organized an international Master class on diet in cancer prevention and survival for PhD students and postdocs in collaboration with VLAG graduate school and the World Cancer Research Fund.

Currently, several studies are ongoing, led and coordinated by the Diet and Cancer research group. Click on one of the logos to read more about these studies:

COLON study
among colorectal cancer patients

GeoLynch study
among people with Lynch syndrome

COBRA study
among breast cancer patients